<![CDATA[Inclusive Best Practices Featuring UDL Book Studies - Reflections]]>Wed, 09 Mar 2016 15:51:37 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Learning Styles; Fact or Fiction?            Please comment below.]]>Fri, 17 Oct 2014 17:37:03 GMThttp://udlbookstudy.weebly.com/reflections/learning-styles-fact-or-fiction-please-comment-belowOur book studies are so fun and it's great to learn from each other.  I'm amazed at everyones contributions and how we all see things from different advantage points.  Each one of us have built our backgrounds from past experiences and all our experiences are so different.  It is amazing.  

Our book author Loui Lord Nelson pointed out something during our 4:00pm book study this past week that I had to go back later and read.  It was a short brief article from the Washington Post and can be found here.   http://wapo.st/1zfhsoi  I read this and learned a lot.  The information hit me in the face like a rock.  I felt guilt and now I have to re-program myself. 

The article title is Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’.  As educators we should all take the time to read this.  Howard says - " My goal here is not to give a psychology or a physiology or a physics lesson but rather to make sure that we do not fool ourselves and, as important, that we do not short change our children. If people want to talk about ‘an impulsive style’ or ‘a visual learner,’ that’s their prerogative. But they should recognize that these labels may be unhelpful, at best, and ill-conceived at worst."

Read the article when you have a chance http://wapo.st/1zfhsoi

So what do you think?  Please leave comments below under comments.

<![CDATA[First Universal Design for Learning Book Study]]>Wed, 17 Sep 2014 19:53:05 GMThttp://udlbookstudy.weebly.com/reflections/first-universal-design-for-learning-book-studyIt’s been an exciting yet fearful week.  The UDL Book study has approximately 161 people representing mostly Ohio, however we are also fortunate enough to have 18 other states represented.  Whenever you think outside the box and try something new you really don’t know what to expect.  We had confidence that educators share at least one huge characteristic…their love for working with students and sharing in their learning.  We all know the Universal Design for Learning Framework puts all students first.

We would like to thank you for a very successful start to what will be a wonderful, collaborative book study. 

Denise & Ron]]>